5 Benefits of Morning Yoga

I must admit, I’m not a always the best morning person, let alone an early morning one.

Waking up and performing a gentle yoga sequence is something I recommend for everyone because it feels amazing and gives you an excellent start to your day! There’s also physical benefits! It may take you a few days to get into the routine, but you’ll immediately notice how different you’ll feel on the days when you keep to your routine!

So, according to my personal experience, and by listening to what students say, here are the top 5 benefits you’ll experience as you start practicing morning yoga. Remember: it doesn’t have to be super early, it just depends on what time your day normally starts!

1. You’ll Focus Better on Your Day Ahead
You can start your awakening process by clearing your mind through a short meditation and focus session. You’ll be ready to concentrate on a couple of simple one-leg balances (e.g. standing tall hugging one knee up to your chest, or a standard Tree pose), and you’ll be forced to keep your focus.

This will forcedly wake you up in a natural way, and your brain will be more ready than ever to focus on your next tasks for the day.

2. You’ll Boost Your Energy 
Moving your body involves, by default, cell movement, and therefore cells’ oxygenation. When your cells refresh the oxygen that runs through and between them, your whole body reinvigorates too. It must be called “Sun Salutation” for a reason, right?!

Bringing your head, arms and legs where they don’t normally spend the rest of the day is a super energetic routine to kick start your day. You’ll notice how you feel fresher, lighter and definitely more awake!

3. You’ll Reduce Your Stress
With more oxygenated cells and a clearer focus on the day ahead, you will automatically feel more relaxed: you won’t be worried about that big meeting with the boss, and you’ll know exactly what you have to do to conclude another successful day. This is because your stress levels will be lower, and you’ll be able to face your day with a more positive approach.

4. You Can Eat More!

Foodies like me will particularly appreciate this one: we all know that exercising can contribute to weight loss. Spending 20-30 minutes every morning between Downward Dogs, Planks and Warrior IIs will boost your metabolism, improve your digestion, and those extra calories will be gone before you know it.

5. You Tone Up
Not only you can enjoy a few extra calories, but your body will start changing shape (for the better): your arms will be more defined, your back will get stronger, and your legs will look even longer in those skinny jeans. I don’t promise dropping four sizes within a month, but give yourself a chance and you (and the people around you) will start noticing the positive changes!!

Remember: to practice morning yoga, you don’t have to walk or drive all the way to your favorite studio at 6 am! You can totally do all this in the comfort of your home with a private yoga instructor! I’m available… 😉