Share Gratefulness and Welcome Happiness

In 1948, scientists and doctors began the most comprehensive study on heart disease ever conducted. Over 60 years later, the Framingham Heart Study still continues. Because the study involves so many people and spans such a long time period, there are many different aspects that scientists continue to study. One of their key findings relates to the happiness theory.

Scientists found that we experience happiness through social connections. Therefore, the clusters of people around you strongly influence how you feel. In fact, a positive change in one person affects everyone in their friend cluster. Your probability for increased happiness improves 15% if your most immediate friend is happy, 10% if a friend of your friend is happy, and so on until four degrees of separation! This is SCIENCE!

They have discovered and quantified what yogis have known for thousands of years: happiness is contagious.
Many practice yoga or go for a run because they feel good after. Physical activity releases endorphins into your body, which makes you feel good. By feeling better and being happy, you influence others to feel better, too. What you do to manage your thoughts to create happy cells impacts those around you. In this way, we are creating our world thought by thought. We can influence more people than we ever realized, simply by being happy.

Engage happy thoughts and try this breath meditation when you need to reframe your outlook!

Inhale: I welcome great happiness
Exhale: I am grateful
Inhale: I welcome great inspiration
Exhale: I am grateful
Inhale: I welcome great love
Exhale: I am grateful
Inhale: I welcome great hope
Exhale: I am grateful

In a world where almost anything can go viral, why not inspire happiness? Knowing that Happiness is contagious means that happiness benefits more than just you: those around you reap the benefits as well. Let’s join together in a happiness movement, where joy, happiness, and peace spread to everyone around us!

 I encourage you to open your eyes each day with gratitude and a smile. It makes a significant difference in attitude. To live your best life is to love yourself, love your day, love your life!

– DC