Let’s get introspective for a moment: 

There is a concept in the world of philosophy regarding the ‘self’ and the act of reflecting on this form of consciousness objectively.  In simpler terms, being aware of our own thoughts.  This has a great deal to do with how we perceive the world, others, and most importantly, how we perceive ourselves. 

Here are 3 ways to refocus your thoughts on all the good you have to offer.

1. Yoga Practice

Now, this doesn’t have to be the type of yoga that requires extreme flexibility or even memorizing specific poses.  A slow-flow or what’s also called a restorative/yin yoga class is catered towards stretching and meditation.  These relaxing poses will allow us to reflect on the thoughts that stream through our minds– thoughts we don’t even realize we are having.  Staying active doesn’t need to be exerting yourself to the max, no matter the style of yoga you prefer to practice, it is critical to mental health. As we get into the habit of appreciating our bodies, you’ll notice an overall healthier perspective on yourself.  Start small with a goal of doing some sort of yoga once a week. Click Here for My Yoga Class Schedule.

2. Daily Affirmations

This may seem like a trend-of-the-moment that celebrities promote only to be forgotten when something new comes along.  As new-age as this idea might be, it really  works.  If anything, the act of writing or saying positive affirmations out loud will shift your focus into something good.  If we are able to get into the habit of repeating affirmations multiple times a day, we’ll find ourselves naturally developing positive thoughts which ultimately create our reality.  Oftentimes, yoga practice and affirmations go hand-in-hand for the ultimate self-appreciation.

3. Treat Yourself How You Treat Others

“I’m not good enough,” is a general and far too common thought that has run rampant through all of our minds more than we’d like.  Here is a challenge for you: imagine yourself saying that to someone you care about.  Now, imagine how crummy you would feel afterwards, and not only that, but how you’d soon realize it’s simply not true.  We form bonds and relationships with people because their qualities have aligned with our own, in some way, shape, or form.  We don’t believe our loved ones deserve to hear those words, so why do it to ourselves?

Challenge yourself to not only treat yourself better, but also the friends and loved ones around us. It will impact your daily life significantly. It’s worth every effort, you’re worth it.

Remember, we are in control of our own thoughts and environments and we have the power to change them.  We may not even realize how unkind we are being  to ourselves with such negative and harsh thinking.  We deserve to be nurtured and cared for the way anyone else does.